Monday, April 13, 2015

Rising Star

Boris and I went to a Subway restaurant in a wealthy Cincinnati suburb.

The teenager making our sandwiches was of ambiguous origin. He was very friendly and very slow in his sandwich making.

"Where are you from, originally?" I asked.

"Dubai" he answered.

"Dubai?" Boris replied, surprised. "That's actually a pretty nice place. What are you doing here?"

"My family moved, the cost of living is high over there."

Then he moved his head downward, shyly laughed to himself and closed the conversation in a way that suggested to us that he might not really be from Dubai.

Our sandwiches made, we moved to a table.

Later as I was sitting I looked up at him. He smiled at me. I smiled and nodded my head.

At this point he smiled really wide and nodded his head repeatedly in a comic gesture I found a little too familial given the circumstances.

As I approached the soda fountain to refill my drink before departure he reached out his fist and I gave him a fist bump.

"Do you know who Bruce Willis is?" he asked.


"He's making a movie here, about the end of the world and it looks pretty good for me, I'll play the kid."

He wanted to say more but then demurred, "it's a long story."


Synesthesia is the condition defined by the blending dissimilar information. Numbers and letters have tastes and/or colors for these who have it

My mind suffers from a different affliction where different realities constantly collide without a unifying theme.

This childlike teenager deluded or dreaming or with a very abstract sense of humor, the suicidal German pilot crashing people into a mountain, the adult fans of my little pony (bronies), the genocides of the twentieth century, the fact that Kurt Cobain shot himself at 27 and I am now 29, the Tibetans waiting for the Dalai Lama to return, ISIS killing American idealists, Hillary Clinton's new campaign logo, Tolstoy's search for authenticity in peasant life, my credit card debt.

De-synesthesia? Post-modern information overload?

I often think how all experiences in life are ultimately passing. How our basic awareness presumably originates from some electro-chemical reaction in the meat of our brains. Electric meat?

Two people meet in on the road.

"Hi, Bob"

"Hi, Igor"

Then they never see each other again. And that's life in a way. You can put in a quarter to give this meaning. But where is the quarter coming from?

Science, God, romantic love, The Four Noble Truths, David Foster Wallace?

In March 2015, in an interview with Der Spiegel, he was asked if he was religious. John Cleese stated that he didn't think much of organized religion and told he was not committed to "anything except the vague feeling that there is something more going on than the materialist reductionist people think."


I'll be the kid in the next Bruce Willis movie.

Wish me luck.    

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