Tuesday, November 25, 2014


At the Halloween party I was going on with my usual routine -the nature of existence, a long philosophical debate about happiness and animals with a metal head. After a few hours of people watching and revelry, I set off toward my vehicle. "Don't leave now, Ivan" one young lady pleaded, "we're finally drunk enough to understand you!"


A buddy and I went to a park and inspired by observing the log decided to toss it off the bridge. After taking turns carrying it, this task was accomplished. The log flew and neatly bounced off the bridge embankment without breaking. Like a nail bouncing off a wooden table or something. It was neat.

...I am almost thirty and unemployed.


I went on a marathon of watching various Anthony Bourdain television programs. Though the amount of insight and spirit he can pack into a cable travel show is admirable and exceptional, the sight of animal flesh being cooked and consumed in so many ways reinforced my misanthropic notion of humanity as a basically parasitic species that leeches on a biosystem and finds literally thousands of different ways to suck life out of it. This encouraged me in my own very long-term goal of becoming a vegetarian or at least remove meat from my daily diet on most days of the week.


A friend requested me not to make a post on facebook in case (s)he decided to end his(her) life. I asked if I could at least make a blog post about it. This was permitted.

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