Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Great Liberal Sugar Conspiracy

Last night at around 11 pm I ventured to Walmart.

As I was strolling along, I saw a lady darting from shelf to shelf looking at the labels and screaming, "nothing!"

As I passed her she started following me and said, "Walmart is putting sugar into everything! Everything!"

Then enraged, "its a conspiracy! they're the ones making everybody fat." She said this waiving her arm at the usual suspects who otherwise would populate a Walmart in Ohio but weren't there now because... it was almost midnight.

I nodded genially as I was trying to quickly make my escape.

Then she uttered, "to hell! All of them should go to hell! I'm sorry, I hate liberals."

Once more I acknowledged her with a friendly nod as I picked up my walking pace.

With this gem of political/dietary insight, the lady and I parted company.

Literally, I was there to buy sugar (honestly I needed a big bag of sugar) and I am a liberal. But... I wish her well. Nothing personal, sugar can divide us all if we let it.


Once I posted this on fb, a friend commented: "She is on to us...abort mission."

My reply: "This is the last bag of sugar I throw into the water supply to make everybody fat! There must be better ways to be a liberal!"


Walmart is where all the excitement happens, read about my other adventure at this amazing chain here.

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