Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Son of Crack Pipe?

Blogger allows me to see the Google searches that bring people to my blog.

Here is a selection from last week:


"pussy post blog"

"heroin tales"

"ridiculously awkward experience of my life essay" (this, they will find)

"son of crackpipe"

"fucked up shit ivan" (cursing seems to be a theme)

"gay sex video"

"pulling the plug on an unrequited love" (haha, yes!)

and, of course, the old classic:

"nosy neighbours turn off their tv's to hear me naturally i yell absurdity fuck you,we accept coupons just not from you"


There is something wrong with people for typing those in, and something even more wrong with me that they all lead those strange wandering souls to my site.

Alas, this selection makes my writing sound more exciting than it actually is... "Pussy post blog?" ... I wish.

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