Friday, June 27, 2014

"Our Hella Scary World" by Dick Cheney

"I don't intend any disrespect for the president, but I fundamentally disagree," he said. "I think he's dead wrong, I think we're in for big trouble in the years ahead because of his refusal to recognize reality and because of his continual emphasis on getting the U.S. to basically withdraw from [that part] of the world.

He argued that the Obama administration is "still living back in the day when they claimed we got bin Laden, the terrorism problem is solved. That wasn't true then. It's even less true today. The threat is bigger than it's ever been."

Source: Politico


Dick Cheney crawled out of his bunker to inform us that we are all doomed because Obama is a feckless leader with a dangerous strategy of disengagement from the middle east. In fact we are told that the "threat is bigger than it's ever been."

Lets, for the purposes of the argument, assume that this democratic president has been a total foreign policy disaster.

America went into Iraq in 2003 and Bush left the White House in 2008. That gave Dick Cheney and his man in the oval office around five years to turn Iraq into a western democracy before the Kenyan party pooper communist won the throne of power in the nation's capital.

Isn't the statement that "the threat is now bigger than it has ever been" ends up being a huge indictment of Cheney's own foreign policy?

Five years of war in Iraq under the Bush White House, with thousands of lives sacrificed and trillions of dollars spent down the freedom drain and we are in a worst place than we were on September 12, 2001?

I seem to recall George W. Bush landing his plane on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln before changing into the civilian garb and giving a victorious speech under a "mission accomplished" banner. That was May 1, 2003.

Now more than ten years later, Dick Cheney is sounding like a disheveled homeless man off his medication screaming about the end of times.

Is it all Obama's fault or... maybe, just maybe, the mission in Iraq shouldn't have been initiated in the first place?

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