Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gun Rights and Human Wrongs

Maybe girls weren't attracted to you because you described yourself as a "supreme gentleman" before pointing the finger at the camera and saying "I will punish you all for it."

Perhaps having a personality that seems to be cross between a disgruntled hobbit deprived of a ring to rule them all and some effete James Bond villain with perfect diction didn't help matters with college girls. Also being the type of guy who turns his blue ball status into an existential dilemma worthy of a 141 page manifesto gives off the wrong vibe.

His manifesto's only redeeming quality is proper grammar and an impressive vocabulary; attributes that are in sharp deficit in our age- unlike mass murders by idiots.

Now we can all sit back and hear some noise from Capitol Hill, followed by some hysterical noise from the NRA, followed by increase in gun sales (lest Obama raid the trailer parks and snatches them all away), followed by some quiet, followed by another lonely, alienated, sex-starved loser who picks up a gun, takes some innocent lives and starts the whole societal rigmarole all over again

Yet Elliot Roger and other killers like him bring up an interesting point on the right to gun ownership. Guns allow American citizens the theoretical possibility of not relying solely on the state for personal protection, they break the government's monopoly on violence, they democratize violence and the use of force by allowing most people access to weaponry. Realistically anyone with money can get a gun in America (be it legal or otherwise).

On a more personal level, guns give men a chance to feel masculine. In the world of ironic humor, corny sitcoms, wage-slave office jobs that go nowhere and the minuscule portion of the populace who ever encounters actual war, men can get a testosterone boost by going to a shooting range and feeling a lethal weapon in their arms so used to typing out pointless bullshit on their work computers. Sweet relief.

Gun ownership also allow deprived teens to shoot each other in the inner city over drug turf and give any suicidal lowlife an ability to to take innocent lives on their ways out and force us to confront their goofy manifestos and youtube videos that could be comedy sketches if they didn't foreshadow a tragedy.

Through out human history guns have allowed people to carve out their philosophies in human flesh. From Pol Pot's empire of socialist pain to Elliot Roger's sex-starved misanthropy, guns made those wacky ideas into a bleak, permanent reality for the victims of those ideas.

In totalitarian countries, terror was the prerogative of the state; the second amendment grants the terror-waging freedom to individual citizens.

"Power grows out of the barrel of a gun," as Chairman Mao once opined. And this power flowed and flowed and continues to flow today. Rebels, terrorists, freedom-fighters of all varieties, dictators, militiamen, farmers, hunters, postal workers and sex starved mass murders have instinctively grasped this truth.

I am attracted to guns, and may eventually get one or two if my finances allow it. But my boy-like personal attraction to guns doesn't overrule the fact that I don't trust humanity with them (on an individual or collective level).

Spread guns around and crazy hands will find them; crazy hands being the trigger-happy kind.

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