Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sigh... One More Ukraine Rant

The Daily Beast has an interesting article about the "Circle of Trust" an un-elected body of protesters that has considerable power over the new Ukraine. This is a quote from the article: "The 48-year-old father of two young children sees the uprising as a back-to-the-future event. He views it as a picking up where the 2004 Orange Revolution left off, an uprising that failed to break the power of Yanukovych’s henchmen and to shake up for good the power structures enriching the country’s oligarchs. "

"The power structures enriching the country’s oligarchs"!? Its interesting that nowhere did the author of this article noted that the new government in Kiev appointed oligarchs to govern the Russia-friendly regions of the country. With the oligarch's direct ascent to power (without the inconvenience of an election to get them there) I can't think of any "power structure" that could enrich the oligarchs more than literally handing over regional governments to them. Much of the coverage of this revolution is such a fucking joke. There are a lot of platitudes in the West about Ukraine turning from the corrupt Putin and "his oligarchs" and toward the bright light of Europe. Meanwhile, Ukraine's economy is falling apart and whole "power structures" are turned over to oligarch to "pacify the population."

One of the deputies to an oligarch now serving as the governor of an eastern region wrote this on his Facebook page about the pro-Russian activists in Crimea, "This scum should be given promises, guarantees, and any concessions…And hung…They should be hung later.”

Something like this is literally impossible to find in Western media. I had to reference it from the Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today. Thankfully they provided a link to his original post on Facebook so I could read it for myself (since LIKE MOST OF WRITING IN UKRAINE it was expressed in Russian). Now there's something that can give you an idea about why so many pro-Russian Ukrainians hate the current government.

So yeah, there are oligarchs in Russia, back in the 1990's they were so powerful that they openly talked about governing Russia like a board of directors would govern a company. Then Putin exiled half of them and sent one packing to Siberia to the chorus of yelps from the West about the collapse of the rule of law in Russia. The difference is that Russian oligarchs are no longer oligarchs in the full meaning of the word, they have little political power and at the best can do is some industry-specific lobbying or bribing. In the new Ukraine they get to run whole regions and post dumb, murderous shit on social media.

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