Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mating Masquerade

Recently I became addicted to various podcasts crafted by David Choe.

David is a graffiti artist. After reaching a level of artistic success, he was asked to decorate offices of an internet startup company. The company offered social networking opportunities to college students.

When it came time for payment the company gave David two options: he could get sixty grand or get some stock in this venture. David hated college, he hated social networks but he was a gambling man. He took the stock.

The company is Facebook and when it became public Choe was worth somewhere between one hundred to three hundred million dollars.

His two podcasts are the ongoing DVDASA and the retired Koreans Gone Bad (KGB).

I prefer KGB because it is more raw and unpolished.

Regardless, during one of the KGB episodes his neurotic childhood friend uttered one of the best lines about relationships between men and women.

"Men are romantics masquerading as pragmatists and women are pragmatists masquerading as romantics."

Like all gross generalizations this one has obvious flaws. I mean this generalizations is so gross it literally covers all of humanity (save for hermaphrodites).

But still...

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