Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Women's Studies

An excerpt from a long message sent to a girl on a dating site:

I don’t hate women but (you are correct) I do have some issues on that front.

Basically they all rotate around my general alienation from humanity. Since I am a heterosexual male my most intimate point of connection with my species lies through women.

Therefore they become a point of my friction with existence; women are the quintessence of my alienation since I don’t have a profound need to be emotionally or romantically intimate with men.

Although I am a liberal, there are aspects of leftist thought I hate. One of these could be called “group absolution.” Here a group –it could be an ethnic minority or a gender- are practically absolved from ever being perceived as immoral on account of their historical oppression by white male dominated society. An example would be, “it is okay for people to riot and destroy local businesses because they have faced institutional racism their whole lives.”

This unexamined moral perspective really annoys me when feminists apply it to women since here this blanket of absolution covers half of humanity.

For example, there is this idea of men objectifying women. It is true to an extent: I imagine men and women view the bodies of the opposite sex in a different way and part of it is just a function of differences in sex drive mechanisms between the sexes.

Men do objectify images of women more than the opposite is true.

However, when it comes to real life interactions between the sexes, the fact is that most men aren't that physically attractive or charismatic to really play the field or have that many chances to reject or objectify women.

I think that an average attractive girl has way more opportunities to reject the opposite sex on account of superficial judgments. Because really, that is what the issue is: superficial judgments. A woman who rejects a man because he is wearing the wrong clothes or opens up with some awkward line or has a messy apartment should not be placed of pedestal next to a guy who rejects a girl because she has small breasts. It is all one problem of objectification except played out by different criteria and it is wrong to single men out because it is always wrong and we all do it.

I think sometimes women operate with some vague, imprinted sense of moral absolution. Something like, “yeah I can treat this guy like shit because he is just a pig who just wants to fuck anyway.”

But maybe I am wrong, I don’t know.

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