Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dream Wisdom

I had a peculiar dream. All of its details escape me but I do remember that I had to submit a DNA sample in it and in order to do this I had to spit into a cup.

Alas, this action was not confined to the dream world and I physically spit on the wall bordering my bed.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me and -not being a fan of washing my sheets- I wish this to never happen again.

Also a first was a presence of the former president George W. Bush in my dream. I don't remember what role he played in this but I do recall that he was wearing Walmart jeans and laughing with evident self-satisfaction while sitting behind a table.

As a liberal I am programmed to blame all of the world's problems on his eight years in the White House therefore -without any incriminating evidence- I will blame him for the spitting episode too.

Thus Bush is not just a failure as a America's chief executive but also a total disaster as a dream spirit.

All I need now is a dream catcher with the Planned Parenthood logo to keep my dream life in the liberal sphere.

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