Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buffet Muse

I was dining at a Chinese buffet today when an overweight woman from a neighboring table walked over and unceremoniously tossed a plastic card literally in front of my face.

She did this without saying a word or even making eye contact. The card turned out be a Starbucks gift-card for an iTunes song of the week. The giant headphones around my ears suggested to the woman that this Chinese buffet patron was receptive to a gift of song. The song that I later downloaded begins with “Oh, oh, oh... I... I was a city boy...” its by Bruno Mars and the title is “If I knew.” Its not a bad song for what it is. The singer regrets his wild past, wishing he could give his lost innocence to his new love.

Normally, I don't listen to this kind of music, but the strange way it entered my life made me want to dissect “If I knew” for some deeper meaning. I found none. When the woman got up from the table to leave, we exchanged nods. This is when I noticed that she sported a solid (mustache-less) goatee. The goatee was a little strange but overall I was happy with the experience.

(Originally written in January of 2013)

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