Friday, October 18, 2013

When I met River Kim

I was purchasing breakfast sandwiches in Walmart on Bethel road when I was approached by a young Asian guy dressed in a black leather coat and black jeans. He complimented my headphones, said he was a musician traveling around the country and that he forgot his id at home. His name was River Kim.

He wanted me to purchase alcohol for him. I was reluctant to do it, but he offered to pay me up front. He wanted to purchase two bottles of the cheap, sweet wine Arbor Mist. This convinced me to go through with this illegal act because I was relatively certain that I will not get robbed by a dude buying this cheap fruity wine.

He gave me ten dollars smiled and said, "don't steal my money."

When I brought the stuff for him, we made some we're-outside-Wallmart-small-talk. He thanked me saying that "I meeting a girl tonight and now the date is going to be sweeter."

I pictured him and a girl getting a buzz from Arbor Mist I purchased, each holding a bottle, giggling shyly, and looking into each others' eyes. He asked me what music I listen to. Mostly rap, I said. "You like Eminem?" he asked. "Yes," I answered.

But not wanting to have my music tastes conventionally confined to a well-known white rapper, I continued, "but I like all kinds of rap. Have you heard of Immortal Technique?" Offering the name of a politically conscious, indie rapper. He has. Then River Kim performed a little free-style rap. I wasn't blown away by it but neither was it embarrassingly horrible.

Soon after he departed. The funny thing is that my distrust of human nature is such that I checked River Kim's ten dollar bill against the light twice. Once at the Wallmart and another time at home. If there is a guy who would have the luck to be defrauded by a Korean pop musician at a Wallmart, its me.

You can check out River Kim's art bellow. Its a song titled "2012 BIGBANG COVER - BAD BOY by River Kim." It has over 100,000 views. All of it is in Korean but once in a while he breaks into English to say that he knows he's a bad boy and you are a good girl.

Its 1:23 am, and if know River Kim I'm sue he's closing the deal with the girl right now. Good karma for me? I'm not sure.

written in March of 2013

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