Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Post-Colonial Catholicism

There is a guy I sort of know. Lets just say we are friends of Facebook and occasionally he likes a status of mine. I could tell you more but a picture is worth a thousand words as the trite saying goes.

"Usually in violence oriented situations, my MO is to offer my body and let people vent their pathos onto it..."

This was an excerpt from his post and this combination of English words made me happy, though his whole post has an interesting mix of tragedy, adrenaline-fueled absurdity and a smiley face in the end. This provides the kind of tragic levity you might feel when your car spins out of control in the snow but you don't get hurt.

I don't know.


So, last night I got beat up by a bro. I'm still sort of trying to unravel my feelings about it: I was in bedford and N 7th at 4am, totally abandoned, and this white girl and guy, basically college looking, were across the street sort of heckling me, and she sort of came over and he went on, and she said something like hope you don't get hit by that truck (that was coming down the street real slow) and i went up to it playing with it like i was gonna get hit by it and suddenly she's behind me grabbing my neck and dragging me to the side and suddenly he's rushing towards me with an expression like don't you touch her, and starts punching me in the face and head again and again while i'm saying She grabbed Me fuck you, and he keeps hitting me and they both start yelling faggot, trust fund, your parents are paying for you and i say your so boring and then a cab rolls up and they get into is and drive away. 
Usually in violence oriented situations, my MO is to offer my body and let people vent their pathos onto it... and in general I think it's nice to have physical confrontations like that from time to time, but the way this one went down really rattled me... or pissed me off... i think the class/wealth/assumed dependency stuff, but especially when they started saying faggot made me retrospectively wish i had fought and won, and makes me really want to hurt them. i think "legally" this is described as a hate crime... so i don't know what i really want to come of this still but it seems like kind of an interesting opportunity anyways. my head has a lot of bruises on it and my temples are very tender. i have lots of gigs all over the place tonight. happy halloween, post-colonial catholicism! :)


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