Monday, October 21, 2013

Books Worth Burning

Conversation with a coworker

6:00 PM Ivan:
Corey Feldman is coming up with an important autobiography called Coreyography
6:02 John: 
that would be better as a biopic honoring his fallen corey
6:03 Ivan:
this is the most important literary effort since Tori Spelling's book "Stori Telling" do you see how the title rhymes with her name?
6:09 John:
i do not
6:17 Ivan:
YOU DON'T SEE THE RHYME! GO TO HELL, JOHN. What do you understand about literature anyway?
Tori Spelling = Stori Telling ! ! !


Honestly though how can any self-respecting person with above room-temperature IQ buy a book called "Stori Telling"?

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