Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Rasputin

Found myself looking at an American website with Russian baby names suggestions.

I don't know who at put this gem together.

One suggestion is Kodiak, which I never heard as a Russian name.

Only familiar with it as a giant landmass in Alaska. But it seems like an interesting name, like maybe for a cat, a hamster or Angelina Jolie's adopted kid.

Then you have Nadezhda and an explanation "filled with hope."

Ok, not bad.

Finally, Rasputin described as "badly behaved child."

Naming a kid "Rasputin" (which is a last name anyway) in the old country would be one sure way to get Russian social services involved in your life.

But in America, hey, why not?

Maybe you want to imbued your baby with a bit of that old sex-crazed-Russian-monk-shot-to-death-by-a-gay-aristocrat flare.


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