Monday, September 2, 2013

Never Again* (see footnote)

"This conflict is pitting Islamic extremists against an authoritarian regime with both sides shouting 'Allah Akbar' at each other, then let Allah sort it out."

Sarah Palin's outlook on Syria ends up ridiculing the very idea of monotheistic God. 

No fan of Mohammed's creed, Palin shows no sympathies in the Syrian civil war. Both sides -in her view- shout out a false name for a God of a misguided faith. Therefore, let this false God resolve this bloody war waged by unlikable people. America should stay out. 

This leads to a question of what is the role of Sarah's personal, freedom-loving God in this war? 

It is weird for a self-proclaimed devoted Christian to make a snide remark about God taking care of this war, even if the name for God she uses is foreign and abhorrent to her. This sentiment would me more rational coming from the lips of a militant atheist. 

After all, in Palin's view, the "real" Christian God WILL eventually resolve this war just as he created this world and manifested in all of its events. 

So why does using a different name of God make the idea of God's will "sorting it out" ridiculous in this context?

“So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?” Palin wrote in a Facebook message to her followers on Friday.

Yes, yes you are. 

Mama Bear is joined in her condemnation of American involvement in Syria by none other than the famed MIT linguist and democratic socialist Noam Chomsky. 

"[T]hat aggression without UN authorization would be a war crime, a very serious one, is quite clear, despite tortured efforts to invoke other crimes as precedents,"

UN authorization would require an approval by the Chinese government which could veto any UN resolution as a permanent member of the Security Council. This government is known for -among other things- putting its last Noble Prize winner in a prison camp. 

But, hey, if the Chinese Audi-driven politburo doesn't sign off on a strike it is a "war crime" and a "very serious one at that." 

Now America is tired of playing the world police, and the world is weary of being policed by America. 

So although the Holocaust Memorial is adorned with the sentiment "Never Again" perhaps its referring only to genocidal acts committed by Germans again Jews not an occasional gassing of its people by a 3rd rate middle-eastern dictatorship fighting for survival. 

Pondering stacks of body bags filled with Syrian children, Palin says, "Let Allah sort it out." And she is not alone.

Obama has wound up not one but two American wars. He is not the one to lead the country into a careless invasion. The man prefers drones.

I'm not a fan of world police. But I also know the human race -my species- to be the sort of animal that cannot act morally on a consistent basis unless there is a present threat of violence for acting immorally. 

The military action proposed by Obama would be limited in scope. Not designed to win the war for the rebels or even to completely eradicate chemical weapons capability of Syrian government. 

All it would do is act as a deterrent. 

After the strike is over, Assad might still contemplate using chemical weapons. 

But his hand might be sweatier and and a little more nervous. After a cruise missile or two, the trigger man would not be so trigger happy. And when it comes to gassing civilians by their thousands, that is a good thing. 

If the critics of American intervention get their way, Assad's military could go on to gas their people to their hearts delight knowing that somewhere on the ideological spectrum between Sarah Palin and Professor Chomsky, the West will shrug its shoulders, lose its will and say "fuck it" as Syrian bodies pile up like so many unwanted ants, poisoned on the patio deck.

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