Friday, August 2, 2013

Yesterday I lost my virginity. 

The taker was a nice middle-aged lady who would not look out of place as a waitress at a Bob Evans restaurant but instead opted for a career in law enforcement and hurt my feelings by pulling me over and giving me my first speeding ticket, setting this single father to no children back 125 dollars. 

I was going 55 on a 35 road and didn't even realize I was speeding, probably because I speed every day that my hand touches the wheel of my Acura, a stereotypical Russian habit that -in light of this financial loss- I must now reconsider... but probably won't.


  1. It must’ve been a difficult encounter to you! It can be hard to break some driving habits we have developed over the years, though that pricey ticket would probably be a good incentive. At least you finally noticed it, and that you can avoid doing it again the next time you're down that road. Drive safe!

    Faith Brady

    1. Thank you for the comment, Faith. I am a more careful driver now.