Friday, July 5, 2013

Jason Molina...

...was from Ohio and died at 39 on account of alcoholism. Admiring depressive and self-destructive tendencies in artists is trite but I can't stop. Inability to function in the world and an early death are almost always a plus in my book. 

Listening to this song I had a flash insight about why I'm a rap fan. 

I enjoy folk-rock and some other indie music but eventually it merges perfectly with my persistent melancholia. 

The offspring of this merger is a kind of amplified existential nausea, and then listening to these tracks after they synthesized with my mood feels fatalistic, suffocating and un-enjoyable. 

By contrast my depressive tendencies can't stick to gansta rap, like a bacteria that can't breed inside a plastic tube. Rap is teflon for my dysthymia, thus I return to it.

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